Saturday, June 21, 2014

Where is the Sun? The Gate 15

Wow this is the last Where is the Sun video for the year.  Thanks to everyone who has been following the blog and the videos. I am unsure what my next adventure in video will be here.....I will wait as my strategy advises to respond to something.

If you do not know your strategy email me your birth info and I will get it to you ASAP.

I cannot explain how the knowledge of Human Design has changed my life.  I wish I had carreid a camera aeound the last few years or so, so that you would be able to see the changes I have made.  Some drastic and some so subtle I hardly notice until I respond differently to something.  It is a wonderous journey and I am still changing by the day.

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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Where is the Sun? The Gate 12


I have been slacking the last couple weeks with my videos and today is no exception.  I have 2 gates left before the start of our journey at the gate 52.

I have been getting some feed back that many who just see the videos on Youtube are confused by what it is I am speaking about.  That seems like a correct comment becasue most of what the Human Design System is, is not in the videos but in this blog. 

I am working on my wrap up for the year and hope to make some time to do it. 

It makes me laugh that the videos all began due to a tan and some confidence.  This year I am not as tan but more confident and comfortable in who I am than ever. 

My home life has changed, my career has changed, my role as a parent has changed, and what I want in life has changed, all before your eyes. 

Do you think I handled it seamlessly or did I show more than I thought?  You do not have to tell me that, but think about it and know that without my understanding of Human Design, I do not think I could have done it all so well. 

Last week the sun was in the gate 45 and has moved into the 12 in the last 24 hours so I will start with the 45

The gate of the queen. This is the energy of the Queen. When you walk into a room, and have this energy in your chart you assume leadership of that room. It happens without notice to most. The 45 brings a deep connection with “the tribe”. This is a gracious energy. In relationships if you meet or someone with the 21 (the other end of this channel) it can lead to power struggles. For those who do not have this gate in their chart, try to be aware and notice when the 45 makes itself known. If you do not have a chart, send me your birth info and I will send you a FREE chart and summary of your type and strategy. It is soo hard to explain how learning this and understanding the energy of others has changed my life. Imagine a life without argument or struggle and one filled of acceptance and gratitude. I know to some it sounds impossible but this stuff works! All it takes is a desire to understand it.

The gate 12 this is a cautious energy. It is a creative energy. It is a volatile energy.  It has high highs and low lows. There are times of not knowing what your feelings are or what you should do next.  Times of silence when you do not want to jump in but rather sit back and watch.  My daughter has this energy and it is very interesting to watch.  She will observe and comfortably not speak for long periods of time, even in a group. When she has collected her data and made up her mind, she jumps in with vigor and passion.  This goes for her friendships too.  People are drawn to this energy as it is a trusting source.  

So as always watch for how these energies play out in your life this week and in a few days I will do a video the last on this topic for the year.  The sun follows the same path each year you can use this as a resource.  The dates change and how the energy is used changes but the sun is always moving around the mandala.  

Thanks for taking this journey with me!!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Where is the Sun? The Gate 8


The Gate 8 is about contributions, it is a desire to make a contribution to contribute to the greater good.  I end up talking about monetary donations to people ( I just went with it) something to remember is that even the neediest person needs to be approached correctly energetically.  Make sure you follow your strategy if you want it to be accepted in the manner you intend. 

Have you ever heard someone react in an unappreciative manner to something forced upon them?  Even if it is something they really needed?  This is the result of not following your strategy.

If you have not yet received your FREE chart, email me your birth date, time (or as close to) and location.

This week has been a great one and I am constantly made aware of changes that I have made in my life due to Human Design.  It is truly amazing.

Enjoy!  See you next week

Oh ya!  We are in day 3 of the 8 3 more to go....

Friday, May 9, 2014

Where is the Sun? The Gate 23

What you do and say brings change.  You say things that make people listen and at times can shatter what they think.  For example someone struggling with an issue, and the answer is “Let it go” or “why is that your issue” or even “what if you…….”   These things can help or they can fall on deaf ears, you must wait to be asked and you must follow your strategy. 
I have this gate as well as the 43 (Freak to Genius channel) I cannot even count how many times I have been laughed at or called crazy.  Now I see things that I have said coming to form in one way or another and I have to laugh.
The energy of the 23 is forthright, authoritative, the tone is a knowing tone. This can lead to misunderstandings or discomfort. People may find your ideas freakish.   How you speak must be thought about prior to blurting.  Waiting to speak may be difficult but if you want to be heard you have to. 

I realized today that I am almost done with the 64 gates there are about 8 gates left to cover.  Then the sun starts all over again around the mandala. 
At this point I am not sure if I will move on to other planets or move on to something else.  Please feel free to put in requests about things you may want to learn more about. 
Remember free chart with summary of type and strategy are available just contact me with your birth info! 

Friday, May 2, 2014

Where is the Sun? The Gates 24 and 2


This is one of those times when I am not 100% crazy about my video.  I like how I look, minus that one of my earings was in the wrong hole most of the day.....I noticed at 1:45PM and did this Video at 8:10AM I noticed it looked weird but didn't check it in the video......anyway........It was a very strange day.  I think I actually was most if not all of my job locations today.  Perhaps minus 1. 

I love my life and how it is coming together. 

Anyway this video is not one of my favorites.  It is the first one I have re-watched with sound. I thought of doing it over but can't, it won't let me. 

So enjoy!!!! 

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Where is the Sun? The Gate 27

Another week another gate.  I promise I will start getting ahead of them again so you can truly see how the energies are effecting you and those around you.  I find it really helps me to how I respond to people.

I was talking to someone today about being on tv and they mentioned how I do my videos, I thought about it and I think I like my videos becasue they are quick and I control the lighting etc  hahahaha

Anyway have a great week!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Where is the Sun? The Gate 3

The channel of the 3/60 has always been one on an energetic level that has caused me confusion.

Overall the 3/60 is about evolution, new genetic material, change.  The level to which is where my energetic body cannot feel or completely understand. 

Some explain the 3 as the order of things mutative.  That there is an order to the mutation and you have to go in that order to get where you are going, which I believe I do express in this video at the end so perhaps I do feel the energy and share what I know but in my own mind do not comprehend, so this week I may just be an example. A puzzle, an energy only each individual can define for themselves.

I would love if this video had a lot of conversation around it, perhaps those who have books can read them and write their interpretation of the mutative ways of the 3/60.

Whatever it is doing it is most successful when in response and will impact generations yet to come.

Warning this video contains, poor posture, bad lighting and an unflattering bunching up of a shirt.  Watch at your own risk! 
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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Where is the Sun? The Gate 42

So I just did this video and feel like I said 52 and not 42.......

Anyway the gate 42 is about finishing things the energy to grab something in the middle and finish it off. 


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Where is the Sun? The Gate 51

Shock in all of it glorious and horrifying forms.  Someone one will do something, someone will say something....whatever it is will shock you.

Shock leads us into action.  When we do not move the energy can change into bitterness outwardly expressed or expressed towards us.

I hope you enjoy this weeks video.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Where is the Sun? The Gate 21

Good Morning

It is a gloomy rainy Sunday here, the good news is I love rain in the spring and it IS finally starting to warm up a bit.

The sun has entered the gate 21. This is all about control.  I actually saw many attempts of people trying to control others this morning, one being my own experience someone tried to bate me into defending myself a tad after midnight is a passive aggressive jealous sort of way. 

As much as this energy is about resources it is also about how you want your life to be and how you want the players in life to behave.

I do not even remember what came out of my mouth in this video that I taped 5 minutes ago. That to me is a great example of how I release control.  The message came through, without forethought or planning, it will be perceived or accepted as it will, and I will finish getting dressed and go to work. 

Have a great week!!!!  (oh wait, if you choose too!)  xoxox

Monday, March 24, 2014

EEEEK Where is the Sun? No really WHERE IS THE SUN???? Gate 17

Not sure how I thought the sun was in the 20, but I learned today as I was explaining something to someone that I was WRONG. 

The Sun is in the Gate 17 - Opinions, they can actually be brutal opinions. Wait to be asked for an opinion, or you may be taken as being critical, when asked people receive it as constructive. 

So sorry for the screwup but someone must have needed what I posted before!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Where is the Sun? Gate 25/20


As you will see from this video I am a little tired, but very excited for next weeks energy to come forth. 

Most of the time I get to "act" like a manifesting generator, by conditioning and who I live with, next week I will have the energetic configuration to be one, not just one, but the strongest energy in the chart will be activated for me! This is the time of year I really find out if I am walking my talk!

Anyway this video on the energy of the 25 was going to be much more dramatic and intelligent if I had done it a few days it is what it is and I am who I am.

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Brightest Blessings to you all!!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Where is the Sun? Gate 36

So for a few days me and some others have been walking around all grumbly, negative, some even angry.  I wondered is it the moon?  Is it the solar flares?  Then today after watching some stuff play out I thought.....WHERE IS THE SUN?!

The gate 36.  The gate 36 likes to create emotional drama or issues becasue it is bored.  It is the kind of energy that when something is too smooth or uneventful it flares up and makes it eventful. 

Some of you have this in our chart defined all the time.  I feel really bad for you.  The energy has really bothered me the last few days, it sent me into a tail spin.  The good side is it also uncovered something I need to deal with before I move forward in my life but overall it has been very uncomfortable.

Here is this weeks video!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Where is the Sun? Human Design Gate 22

Hey everyone

The energy the sun is in now is the Gate 22 - Grace/Openness

Those with the 22 all of the time, may not see how graceful they are, and sometimes they may not be graceful at all.  It is sometimes easy to forget the "or not" side of the energy we are made of. 

The 22 is attractive and charming at times, and other times is not. 

Many with this energy possess a very romantic view of the world, over time this view may be stiffled or muddied by those around them, but even when they may be jaded there is a slight glimmer of hope that is always lit in the 22. 

The energy of the 22 to can magnetic and of course repelling. 

Whatever you are experiencing and noticing this week, have fun with it! 

Shout out to East Bridgewater Candle Company

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Where is the Sun? The Gate 63

Well Sorry I am late by 4 days!  I was sitting here being bored and remembered I owed a video.

I think it speaks for itself this week.  See you in a few days!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Where is the Sun? The Gate 37

Where the hell is the sun?! Sometimes the energy we feel is a result of other transits and not the sun alone, but anytime you bump into an energy that is different or you do not feel often it can cause some bumps in life. 

When you remove old ways and old energy it opens new areas to add new energy and sometimes that empty spot can leave you feeling a bit off kilter. 

I am having a weird day as you will see in this weeks video.  I hope there is something in it for you!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Where is the Sun? The Gate 55

hahaha I added some extras for you today.  The first is my first attempt at the video, I usually pride myself as "One Take Tammy" but not this week......

OK Now on to the next take 


And finally the only way I am going to describe a shadow that keeps appearing in my videos.   

Friday, February 14, 2014

It is your responsibilty

I was thinking about something today and thought I would share it here. 

There have been a couple people in my life that have expected me as a coach to understand their issues (and I do) and to allow them to continue not living up to their responsibility because they have some problems.  However the whole reason for being a coach is to empower people into understanding that they have what they need, they are able to change their current circumstance, to let go of their past, and move forward confidently into the light of who they really are.

If I just handed them a pity card and let them continue to feel like the world is against them, well then I would not be doing my job at all. 

Change is not easy it takes time, patience, and forgiveness.  All you need to do is be willing to take not only the first step but all those in between where you are now and where you want to be.

Blessings to you all on your journey, where ever you are! 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Where is the Sun? The Gate 30

The energies of the gate 30 are all about desires and things we are passionate about.  It is the clinging fire.  This energy can cause burnout in others if it is not harnessed. 

I have the 30 defined all the time, I know I can burn people out, but I don't notice it much unless I catch myself focussed really hard on an outcome or trying to find something out.  I see it as a distraction, yet it can be obsessive until it is completed.  This energy can be good, if I am working on a project but not good longer term. If it gets really bad, I burn myself out.

So over the next 6 days you may feel more passionate, more desires may come up, more energy to want to get things done, you may not have it to actually get things done. 

Until the end of February 2014 I am offering composite charts with a summary for $15.00 each. 

I love running them and helping people with their relationships!  I am noticing some trends too.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Smile a little.....

I never really think about being nice to people.  It just sort of happens.  I say hi to everyone I see or at least smile.

I remember when I had my corporate job a friend used to ask me after people walked by "Do you know him/her?" my response "No" ..... from that point on she called me the mayor.  I guess I have always been that way, even in my shyest moments I will smile and say hello.

It isn't always a great thing, as people are really attracted to that kindness and can turn into stalkers, but for the most part it has been cool.

I was reminded again of how I am nice to people, even people who I find annoying or will later confess I may dislike very much.  I guess it is the customer service in me.  My mom used to say "kill the with kindness" I guess I listened to her more than we thought.  :)  Imagine that.

Anyway I know of at least one person who is going to try and be nice to people this week.  She described herself as a bitch, I disagree she is very kind, just more reserved, she waits for the "Hi".  I wonder if this week she will throw out the "Hi".

I challenge you all to be kind, be friendly, throw a smile or a "hi" at someone.  It is way easier than being upset or avoiding or ignoring.  Take some time this week and be kind.

A down side to being so friendly is if I am feeling down or just not in the mood and I am quiet.  It is super noticeable so be sure not to be over the top.  :)  You don't want people to take notice when you are done being nice, or just don't feel like it.

Try it and let me know how it goes. 

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Where is the Sun? Gate 49 Human Design

I'M DONE!!!!!!

The gate of principals. Revolution.

The energy of agreements, the divorce gate.  If someone does not live up to their end of an agreement you will shut them out, Sometimes forgiveness is a better solution and this energy can be changed to know who should be shut out and who should be forgiven.  However when you are done you are done no questions asked, no more chances.  Intimacy energy for marriage.

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

It's Not Personal!

One of the Key things that Human Design teaches is - It is not personal.  How others act, what they do or say, never has anything to do with you. 

As humans we have been conditioned to try and make it about us, but it isn't. 

I am often asked for examples and I never share them because I feel I sound like I am attached to it, and I am not.   I know now people think I am attached to it only becasue they are and they project it on me. 

I will tell you a true story.  I recently got back in touch with a friend of an ex boyfriend.  I should say we have started talking a lot more he friended me on facebook years ago.  Anyway....he let me know about the passing of someones mom.  She and I were really close back then, until we weren't and it was under pretty emotional circumstances. I do not recall if what she did was intentional or I misunderstood but it was what it was.  It hurt me.

Me being me, thinks a lot about how I would want to be treated in a situation, I packed up the past and tossed it and reached out.  We had a great time catching up and were planning to get together. The guy friend asked me to pass on a message.  To me it was an easy nice message.  Condolences, thinking of you .

She never responded and blocked me.  At least I think she did, I am not sure I have never been blocked before (that I have noticed.....irrelevant  to the story), but her response was odd.  I know her and him dated over 20 years ago....anyway......

I don't usually throw stuff like this out there, I try not to talk about a lot anymore, I would rather spend my time processing it and making sure I am doing what is right for me.  

I do share these types of things if I think it can teach others. 

Years ago I would have wondered what I did or thought I was unworthy of friendship.  NOW I understand it is her thing, it is not mine.  It has nothing to do with me, perhaps there is more history between the two, perhaps she lost her internet connection. perhaps she doesn't like me, perhaps her fingers fell off..... I don't know, I won't know so I don't need to care.  I do not feel the need to prove myself or explain.  It has taken a really really long time to feel this way.  I choose no drama.

I am a bit saddened as we were once pretty close, but as with other things that come and go, they come and go.

Anyone else now singing Karma Chameleon?

It has taken me a really really long time to release a lot from my mid-twenties.  It is funny the stuff we allow ourselves to carry around.  It feels weird to actually let a lot of it go. 

It is just like now, as I move on from people, situations, or conversations.  I don't hate the people, the people are not bad, they are just not a good fit for me.  It isn't that the conversations aren't entertaining just not where I need to spend my energy right now.  It doesn't mean I do not care, or I am not here to support in any way I can.   I just have decided that those situations or people are not right for me in that moment, it is not their fault, tomorrow I may want to spend my energy there. 

So I share all of this because I know a lot of people who are dealing with what someone else has done or said recently or that they recently learned of.  Although it is effecting their immediate situation, I hope that not one of them blames themselves for whatever it was the other did or said, because it wasn't about them at all. I hope none of you carry it around for 18 years or look back and question yourselves, because what you are doing is right for you in this moment, and it will all be OK. 

Please remember it is not personal.  

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Where is the Sun? Gate 13

The energy of the 13 is that of Fellowship.  Bringing people together, sharing, and of course secrets.  People will spill their guts to you and not even realize they have done it. People trust you and like you they feel comfortable in your presence. 

I have the gate 13 in my chart.  I have the 13 in my conscious Sun and it is a neat energy. Although the energy unites it also retreats. So you may need or long for periods of alone time that are very important to you.  

There is soo much in this energy and I focus on a bit in my video but another side is the truthfulness This is a quote from my mentor Karen Curry "knowing our truth and revealing ourselves to our partners and friends. This is the time to come clean, ask for what you want and see where the "chips" land, so to speak. The love that endures is the love that survives this reign of truth. The love that walks away was never true love"

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Where is the Sun? Gate 19


I just recoded this video and besides a reference to Sesame Street, I have really no recollection of what I said!  I LOVE when that happens! As usual I will not watch it, well strike that I watch but do not listen.  I put it on mute. 


The Gate 19 is about sensitivity the sun will be in this gate for 3 more days.   So if your week has been negatively impacted by sensitivity there is still time to shift it. 

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Where is the Sun? Gate 41

Happy New Year!!!!

Ha! I thought I could clear up a statement I made in the video and I can, the Quarter of Initiation starts in a couple weeks.  the Human Design year started yesterday. We have a couple weeks of the Quarter of Mutation left. This is why some things are manifesting as you had expected and willed to. 

So the 41 Fantasy.  Taking time to see what you do not have and want and visualizing, over the next 6 days don't be surprised it it just pops up.

On to this weeks video! for your FREE chart or for questions.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Where is the Sun? Gate 61

Sometimes I sit down with a clear idea of what I am going to say, and then it turns into something completely different.....that is totally what happened today, in fact I am not even sure my video will make sense. 

It was a comedy of errors (not really errors, differences) my birds decided it was time to chat, my webcam software was completely different, I played with new lighting buttons, and I am not really clear headed yet.  Got lots going on, working a lot and in different arenas,  started a new class, etc. 

I truly love my life and what is has become of late.  So blessed! 

OK so here is the description of the energy of the gate 61.  Truth/Mysery

It is knowingness without the benefit of logic. It cannot explain what it knows or how or why it knows it to be true. It is about waiting, testing, discovering.  This energy can feel different and the ideas may be different. 

I think that is where my whole tangent on waiting in the video came from, none of us are used to or want to wait.  None of us want to put things on hold to see if they are right, we want to jump in with both feet and see what happens, which can be fun, but not waiting to see can also lead to hurt, mistakes, and self loathing.  Wicked theme this week around not worry about how or why.  Just accept. 

OK on to my video, I didn't re-watch it nor do I truly remember what I said so I hope it gets to whomever it is supposed to! 

Which seems is not going to be the case, the video will not upload to the page so here is a link to get to it.  :)


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

....Or Not Where is the Sun?

Things always come to me when I am in the shower, I have tried a note pad and a digital recorder in there, but neither proved to be a great method.  If anyone has any ideas as to how I should do this please I invite you to recommend something!  The recorder and note pad work in the car but not in the water.  

The Sun has moved in the 54th gate. This energy is about ambition, this is an energy to do things. The lower side is that without recognition a worker can become bitter. I actually witnessed this in someone today when their work was questioned. Remember to recognize things people do. When recognized this energy brings unlimited possibilities. The feeling of the ends justifying the means. The other side will show bitterness and anger, so if you see that in people around you recognize the hard work they do, or attempt to do and shift the energy! 

I wrote this description the other day, this morning I got a message and needed to record this......

Questions? Comments? Want a free chart? 

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Saturday, January 4, 2014


Hey all

Happy Holidays and such.  I am behind on my last video, mostly because it fell during my time off.  Yes I said it time off.  Well I had time off from school 2 weeks, and I took some time off from doing readings and coaching, some planned some just happened.  I did a lot of work on a new venture I am helping a friend with, as well as my regular day job, but when I could tried to rest.

We all know I cannot rest really so I spent a lot of time trolling the internet catching up with friends and in some cases meeting new people.  I love the internet, without it I wouldn't talk to half of my friends, or be in school....funny.

At any rate I am totally ready for 2014 and whatever it brings with it.  I have cleared out a lot of stuff that has been holding me back, coming to terms with parts of me that cannot be changed or tweaked and working on the things that can. 

Thank goodness for my kids, I have said it since I had my first they sure do ground me.  They are just about the only thing that can, actually they are the only thing that can and for that I am ever so grateful, even when I want to choke them out.  :)    They are wonderful little people.

So onward we go into 2014 for some it will be a better year than last for others it has already proven worse than last but regardless we must move on. 

There will be some more big changes for me in the coming months, some great some a little more difficult but I am ready and motivated. 

The Human Design New Year is not for a couple weeks I will fill you in on those details at a later date.

This post is more about connecting, sometimes I just feel I need to show me as me in my rawness.  Forever changing yet being very much the same. 

I had this idea the other day, sometimes when I post overly optimistic stuff it is met with challenges from people, and that is cool, I used to do it, but sometimes I want to review what I have been through in my past to show people that I was there, and I am here now, and yes it is hard and sometimes too soon to try but they can be here too.  Then I don't want to get into it, because no one is the same even if we share the same types of stories and it seems a waste of energy to explain.  Frankly sometimes I am too positive for myself to deal with!

Over my break I did come up with a way to do it, and of course by the time I was out of the shower the thought was gone.  So I will say this, be assured you are not alone in your feelings and know that even at your darkest moment that there are others in that darkness to and sometimes it just takes someone like me to light a match and blow it out, but in that quick second you saw another person in that dark with you. Then to me I did what I am here to do.

I will share today I drove about 30+ miles just a quick ride and I was very impatient with the driving skills of those around me.  I had to check my zen  :)

So anyway that about sums it up for today. 

Be well!