Saturday, June 21, 2014

Where is the Sun? The Gate 15

Wow this is the last Where is the Sun video for the year.  Thanks to everyone who has been following the blog and the videos. I am unsure what my next adventure in video will be here.....I will wait as my strategy advises to respond to something.

If you do not know your strategy email me your birth info and I will get it to you ASAP.

I cannot explain how the knowledge of Human Design has changed my life.  I wish I had carreid a camera aeound the last few years or so, so that you would be able to see the changes I have made.  Some drastic and some so subtle I hardly notice until I respond differently to something.  It is a wonderous journey and I am still changing by the day.

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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Where is the Sun? The Gate 12


I have been slacking the last couple weeks with my videos and today is no exception.  I have 2 gates left before the start of our journey at the gate 52.

I have been getting some feed back that many who just see the videos on Youtube are confused by what it is I am speaking about.  That seems like a correct comment becasue most of what the Human Design System is, is not in the videos but in this blog. 

I am working on my wrap up for the year and hope to make some time to do it. 

It makes me laugh that the videos all began due to a tan and some confidence.  This year I am not as tan but more confident and comfortable in who I am than ever. 

My home life has changed, my career has changed, my role as a parent has changed, and what I want in life has changed, all before your eyes. 

Do you think I handled it seamlessly or did I show more than I thought?  You do not have to tell me that, but think about it and know that without my understanding of Human Design, I do not think I could have done it all so well. 

Last week the sun was in the gate 45 and has moved into the 12 in the last 24 hours so I will start with the 45

The gate of the queen. This is the energy of the Queen. When you walk into a room, and have this energy in your chart you assume leadership of that room. It happens without notice to most. The 45 brings a deep connection with “the tribe”. This is a gracious energy. In relationships if you meet or someone with the 21 (the other end of this channel) it can lead to power struggles. For those who do not have this gate in their chart, try to be aware and notice when the 45 makes itself known. If you do not have a chart, send me your birth info and I will send you a FREE chart and summary of your type and strategy. It is soo hard to explain how learning this and understanding the energy of others has changed my life. Imagine a life without argument or struggle and one filled of acceptance and gratitude. I know to some it sounds impossible but this stuff works! All it takes is a desire to understand it.

The gate 12 this is a cautious energy. It is a creative energy. It is a volatile energy.  It has high highs and low lows. There are times of not knowing what your feelings are or what you should do next.  Times of silence when you do not want to jump in but rather sit back and watch.  My daughter has this energy and it is very interesting to watch.  She will observe and comfortably not speak for long periods of time, even in a group. When she has collected her data and made up her mind, she jumps in with vigor and passion.  This goes for her friendships too.  People are drawn to this energy as it is a trusting source.  

So as always watch for how these energies play out in your life this week and in a few days I will do a video the last on this topic for the year.  The sun follows the same path each year you can use this as a resource.  The dates change and how the energy is used changes but the sun is always moving around the mandala.  

Thanks for taking this journey with me!!