Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I am not sure if this is a blog post for my peeps or a pep talk for myself, but I know it will help someone besides me as every time I thought I shouldn't post it , something told me to post it.

A wise woman I know Asha Ramakrishna taught me "compare yourself to no other".  It is the best thing I could have been taught, for although I first learned it a couple years ago it has been something I have carried and use repeatedly over time.  (to learn more about Asha got here:

See what I just did, I referred you to someone who does similar work.  She also coached people using energy techniques.  Why would I send you else where?  Why would I run the risk of you doing business with her and not me?  Do I think she is better?  Am I not respecting my own worth? 

These are truly questions I have been asked. 

The answers are simple.  There is a teacher in this world for everyone.  It may be me, it may be someone else.  I take tremendous joy in introducing energy modalities to people who are unsure about them, I take great joy in those who come back to me, I take great joy in my work.  I do not do it to feed my ego or really my pocketbook (although one day that would be nice)  :)   I respect who I am, I love the fact that I do at least 3 hours of volunteer work a week, based in my energy modalities.  I love what I do with Hospice although many find it morbid.  I respect me and my worth. 

I once had a friend/business associate who would refer people to me and then when they came back again she would jokingly accuse me of stealing her clients.  My belief around that is; they are not my clients nor do they belong to  anyone, they are the universe's clients.  People bumping around looking for something and gathering pieces from all they meet.  I would never want anyone to have one teacher, not ever. 

I have said before the people we start the journey with are not always the people we end with, everyone grows and changes at different speeds, it does not make one better than the other it just is. 

The more I settle into my own Human Design the more comfortable I get in my skin.  It for me, is a wonderful tool, it stands alone and mixes with others to create a wonderful experience. It changes lives.  I was once told that is a bold statement to make but in the years I have done this I see it to be true.

I met a wonderful woman last week who talked to me about competition and the energy it creates and yes sometimes while you challenge yourself to compete you can get a lot of clients and clean up, but what do those clients think of you.  I never want to have a repeat client bad mouth me or only come to me out of some obligation they feel.  I never want someone to come to me who is afraid to "break up" with me.  You know how we get with our doctors, counselors, or hair stylists (Not you Nicole McMorrow at Corrine's Hair Affair in Pembroke, you rock!). 

I met a client a couple weeks ago, she liked my bio, because I discussed how I find the right people for people,  I open doorways and opportunities for the people who want them. I have a large network of people I recommend,  many I have done exchanges with and know first hand if they are good at what they do.  Oh a note exchanges will not make you rich but they can be very valuable to you and the person you are exchanging with.   Helps a lot with self care, it reminds you, you need it. 

I should also note I can only recommend those I can recommend and if they recommend someone else, I may not know them, so I recommend a person for their abilities not someone they think is a better fit....that is a disclaimer based on something that happened :)

Anyway I have lost my thoughts, so whatever it was that was meant to come out and serve others is in here somewhere. 

Thanks again for following me on this ride!

Brightest Blessings!!