Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Where is the Sun? Gate 19


I just recoded this video and besides a reference to Sesame Street, I have really no recollection of what I said!  I LOVE when that happens! As usual I will not watch it, well strike that I watch but do not listen.  I put it on mute. 


The Gate 19 is about sensitivity the sun will be in this gate for 3 more days.   So if your week has been negatively impacted by sensitivity there is still time to shift it. 

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Where is the Sun? Gate 41

Happy New Year!!!!

Ha! I thought I could clear up a statement I made in the video and I can, the Quarter of Initiation starts in a couple weeks.  the Human Design year started yesterday. We have a couple weeks of the Quarter of Mutation left. This is why some things are manifesting as you had expected and willed to. 

So the 41 Fantasy.  Taking time to see what you do not have and want and visualizing, over the next 6 days don't be surprised it it just pops up.

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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Where is the Sun? Gate 61

Sometimes I sit down with a clear idea of what I am going to say, and then it turns into something completely different.....that is totally what happened today, in fact I am not even sure my video will make sense. 

It was a comedy of errors (not really errors, differences) my birds decided it was time to chat, my webcam software was completely different, I played with new lighting buttons, and I am not really clear headed yet.  Got lots going on, working a lot and in different arenas,  started a new class, etc. 

I truly love my life and what is has become of late.  So blessed! 

OK so here is the description of the energy of the gate 61.  Truth/Mysery

It is knowingness without the benefit of logic. It cannot explain what it knows or how or why it knows it to be true. It is about waiting, testing, discovering.  This energy can feel different and the ideas may be different. 

I think that is where my whole tangent on waiting in the video came from, none of us are used to or want to wait.  None of us want to put things on hold to see if they are right, we want to jump in with both feet and see what happens, which can be fun, but not waiting to see can also lead to hurt, mistakes, and self loathing.  Wicked theme this week around not worry about how or why.  Just accept. 

OK on to my video, I didn't re-watch it nor do I truly remember what I said so I hope it gets to whomever it is supposed to! 

Which seems is not going to be the case, the video will not upload to the page so here is a link to get to it.  :)


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

....Or Not Where is the Sun?

Things always come to me when I am in the shower, I have tried a note pad and a digital recorder in there, but neither proved to be a great method.  If anyone has any ideas as to how I should do this please I invite you to recommend something!  The recorder and note pad work in the car but not in the water.  

The Sun has moved in the 54th gate. This energy is about ambition, this is an energy to do things. The lower side is that without recognition a worker can become bitter. I actually witnessed this in someone today when their work was questioned. Remember to recognize things people do. When recognized this energy brings unlimited possibilities. The feeling of the ends justifying the means. The other side will show bitterness and anger, so if you see that in people around you recognize the hard work they do, or attempt to do and shift the energy! 

I wrote this description the other day, this morning I got a message and needed to record this......

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Saturday, January 4, 2014


Hey all

Happy Holidays and such.  I am behind on my last video, mostly because it fell during my time off.  Yes I said it time off.  Well I had time off from school 2 weeks, and I took some time off from doing readings and coaching, some planned some just happened.  I did a lot of work on a new venture I am helping a friend with, as well as my regular day job, but when I could tried to rest.

We all know I cannot rest really so I spent a lot of time trolling the internet catching up with friends and in some cases meeting new people.  I love the internet, without it I wouldn't talk to half of my friends, or be in school....funny.

At any rate I am totally ready for 2014 and whatever it brings with it.  I have cleared out a lot of stuff that has been holding me back, coming to terms with parts of me that cannot be changed or tweaked and working on the things that can. 

Thank goodness for my kids, I have said it since I had my first they sure do ground me.  They are just about the only thing that can, actually they are the only thing that can and for that I am ever so grateful, even when I want to choke them out.  :)    They are wonderful little people.

So onward we go into 2014 for some it will be a better year than last for others it has already proven worse than last but regardless we must move on. 

There will be some more big changes for me in the coming months, some great some a little more difficult but I am ready and motivated. 

The Human Design New Year is not for a couple weeks I will fill you in on those details at a later date.

This post is more about connecting, sometimes I just feel I need to show me as me in my rawness.  Forever changing yet being very much the same. 

I had this idea the other day, sometimes when I post overly optimistic stuff it is met with challenges from people, and that is cool, I used to do it, but sometimes I want to review what I have been through in my past to show people that I was there, and I am here now, and yes it is hard and sometimes too soon to try but they can be here too.  Then I don't want to get into it, because no one is the same even if we share the same types of stories and it seems a waste of energy to explain.  Frankly sometimes I am too positive for myself to deal with!

Over my break I did come up with a way to do it, and of course by the time I was out of the shower the thought was gone.  So I will say this, be assured you are not alone in your feelings and know that even at your darkest moment that there are others in that darkness to and sometimes it just takes someone like me to light a match and blow it out, but in that quick second you saw another person in that dark with you. Then to me I did what I am here to do.

I will share today I drove about 30+ miles just a quick ride and I was very impatient with the driving skills of those around me.  I had to check my zen  :)

So anyway that about sums it up for today. 

Be well!