Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Human Design and Waiting

I have been doing a lot more Human Design readings lately, and I LOVE that!  I love watching people faces when something resonates deeply.  Sometimes it looks like relief and sometimes it looks like confusion. 

The confusion comes from the realization that many of us in fact all but about 8% of the population are here to respond.  We are here to wait, wait to respond, wait to be invited, wait to make a decision. Waiting makes us uncomfortable, waiting makes us feel like we are failing, but in reality waiting is what most of us must do!

I remember when I learned Human Design I wanted to jump over my type and strategy and get right to the good stuff, the gates, or the CHiron, or more importantly the incarnation cross!  I didn't want to wait, not for a second because to me those were the things that were interesting.   Those are the things I wanted to know "NOW"

I watch many of my clients struggle with the waiting, we just are not conditioned to wait.  However until we master our type and strategy (and I mean master) the rest does not matter. We cannot fully live out and understand our characteristics (centers and gates), lessons (chiron), or purpose (incarnation crosses), until we understand out strategy. 

To recap very briefly, for those who have not had a chart done there are 5 types in Human Design: 

Manifestors make up  8% of the population and truly the only people who do not have to wait, but do need to be sure they slow down and inform those their actions will impact, even if it seems like an necessary step to them.They also must understand they cannot do it all. 

Projector  24% of the population they are wise wise beings, they know a ton, however they must wait to be invited into conversations, engagements of all kinds, or answer questions etc. When they give information or show up where they were not invited or where they may have invited themselves, or give information that may be relevant but was not requested, everyone feels uncomfortable. When they wait to be invited to speak or attend or work the energy is beautiful.

Reflector 1% of the population, reflectors are the mirrors to us all.  They are extremely sensitive to everyone's energy and amplify it back.  When decision making, Reflectors, to be at their best, strategy is to wait a total of 28 days. Over this time they think, evaluate, gets others input and in the end can make a solid decision that is right for them.

The rest of us fall under the Generator Category

Generators are worker bees they have sustainable workforce and life force energy. The generator strategy is to wait to respond, not to push their way or work their way into things. The hard part for a generator is that they will work hard on things regardless of whether it was entered into correctly or not.

Manifesting Generators are generators with a bit more pep, they have what is called a motor to the throat so they have a capacity to manifest differently than a generator, the strategy for a mani-gen is to wait to respond but also to take the time to inform those who will be impacted by what they are doing (or not doing).

You still may be wondering why it is so important to know your type and strategy and the answer is conditioning.  One of the best things about Human Design is it shows you who you really are, and not what society tells us we are supposed to be. An example is a reflector, they are the last person who should "just do it" yet I bet if I ever meet one that is just what they are trying to do, and not being successful at it. Another is a projector who is trying to be a work horse to get a promotion, it is not going to work.

Knowing your type and strategy, understanding it and implementing it will change your life. I challenge you whether you know your type or not to try waiting, if it works for you you are one of 4 types and if it doesn't, well you just may be a manifestor! 

'Til I think of something more to say.....
Bright Blessings!