Sunday, January 20, 2013

Why not today?

I have always wanted to play guitar.  So today I bought one.  I have spent about about an hour practicing and learning about the instrument.  I have a goal to learn at least one song that I like by the end of the year.

Tomorrow, I will be having a horse lesson.  I started taking them in 2005 after many years of not riding.  I stopped again so I could pay for my daughters lessons, but now have the opportunity to share a horse. I have a goal of riding this particular horse well by the 6th of February. 

I started my Master of Social Work courses last week.  I decided I waited too long to put it off anymore. 

What are you putting off? What would make your heart sing?

I really have a deep respect and joy for those who follow their bliss, those who know in the heart what may bring them joy and take the chance of finding out. 

I ask you all, what do you have to lose? What is the risk in trying something, and if it is not life or death why not try it today? 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I have had a lot of clients this year who I shared Reiki with; many were hospice patients and have since passed away.  I feel I was honored to provide them with a little peace before they moved on.  Each person teaches me something or shares a tid bit of themselves that I feel soo blessed to have known.

Because of this work, I did not think twice when I was contacted by an acquaintance, who owns a 12 year old dog, that had been having health issues for a while.  The family knew what the end result would be, but wanted a bit more time, a chance to try everything, time to adjust to the decision they were going to have to make.   I had to go in expecting the unchanging result.  What I did not expect was the experience I had. 

The dog was more than a dog, as many feel; the dog was a part of their family.  However unlike most dogs this particular dog was wise. We clicked instantly.  She was open to Reiki and enjoyed the process.  She was often by the door or at the top of the stairs waiting for me to arrive.  

The first day I arrived she came right to me and laid down before I even got all the way up the porch stairs.  She allowed me to do my thing, and when she was done she would get up and walk away.   

In fact, the first night she decided she was not exactly done and got my attention and let me know I was to continue.  When we were done she ate, for the first time in days.  

Another time I arrived and she was in her bed home alone sleeping.  Thank Goodness she was sleeping, her breathing was so spaced out I got scared for a moment or two.  I sat by her and she looked at me and welcomed our time together. By the time I left she was awake walking and actually went outside and buried a bone. 

It became quite apparent that the sessions energized her long enough to play, eat, and spend time with her loved ones. 

This dog touched my soul, she was beautiful and kind, she loved her people, and she taught me a lot about the energy that I work with.  In fact this dog has forever changed me and how I look at myself as a facilitator of healing.  

...and as for the word acquaintance, I wish there was a word that felt a little deeper than friend becasue that family will forever hold a spot in my heart. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Resolutions 2013

Years ago, I cannot even remember how long it has been, I gave up making resolutions. It must have been around the time I gave up giving things up for lent. 

You see I was never really great at giving up things, well minus drinking, drugs, and smoking.  Just past 20 years and will be 13 years in February on the latter. 

I remember when I quit I needed support from certain people.  I leaned on a few a great deal.  I will be forever grateful for their help.  I am also grateful for the friends who accepted my changes and didn't question my decisions.  No one was pushing me to have just one or asking "what't the matter won't your mommy let you smoke?" I was lucky to be accepted as I changed my life. I made firm descisions and stuck to them.

I guess that is where the difference is, for me, decisions vs. resolutions/sacrifice. Choice vs. expectations, or pressure.  I made decisions to change my life on my own, no one forced it, the choices were mine to make.

A resolution however is not the same for me, a resolution is something that people expect you to do, something we do to correct something we do not like about ourselves, something to focus negatively on and beat ourselves up for.  To me that is just giving our brain one more thing to belittle ourselves with.

What is your new years resolution? What did you give up for lent?   "Well I started a diet but it was too hard to stick to" "I gave up meat but had a pepperoni by mistake" "I'm a loser"   Blaaaaaaaaa

I tried to have a yearly theme too.  I think last year was "expansion",  HA! be careful what you wish for 2012 was my heaviest weight year without being pregnant, in my whole life.   I expanded alright! 

This year I got a word search looking thing on Facebook, I think it had something to do with the new year.  I saw; Lust, Friends, Fun, sounds good to me, perhaps that should be my theme for the year, we all know I could use it! 

What is my point?  heck I am not sure I have one....just using a time of year and a word to share a little bit of Tammy with you. I mean who couldn't use a little bit of Tammy once in a while......

If I put on my human design hat for a moment I could explain that your Will Center really plays a huge role in what resolutions/sacrifices you are able to keep or not keep, why, and how to get that will power energy more consistently in your life, but this is not a commercial today, this is just a blog post. 

If I jump to my energy work, the energy around you significantly influecnces what you are and are not able to do. 

All this being said, I am not against anyone who chooses to make resolutions/sacrafices, those who set goals for the year, or have themes, in fact I support them all a great deal, even work with some. 

It is just my preference to pass on the resolutions.  I wish you luck and joy with yours!

Wishing you all a Healthy and Happy 2013!