Saturday, May 17, 2014

Where is the Sun? The Gate 8


The Gate 8 is about contributions, it is a desire to make a contribution to contribute to the greater good.  I end up talking about monetary donations to people ( I just went with it) something to remember is that even the neediest person needs to be approached correctly energetically.  Make sure you follow your strategy if you want it to be accepted in the manner you intend. 

Have you ever heard someone react in an unappreciative manner to something forced upon them?  Even if it is something they really needed?  This is the result of not following your strategy.

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This week has been a great one and I am constantly made aware of changes that I have made in my life due to Human Design.  It is truly amazing.

Enjoy!  See you next week

Oh ya!  We are in day 3 of the 8 3 more to go....

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