Saturday, June 29, 2013

What Is Human Design

Have you ever found yourself standing at what you believe to be an impasse in your life path?  

I sure have, it was only a few years ago while working successfully in corporate America that I found myself wondering how aligned I was with my true purpose.  I worked hard, I was good at what I did, but I didn’t love it and I was not happy.  

After years of wondering, taking workshops, and banging my head against a wall, I found Human Design.   I received a free chart and a few months later had a 2 hour reading, in that time I was shown my true energy blueprint, my true unconditioned path and ways in which to accomplish what I thought was only a dream.  

I learned that the dreams I had as a child were truly the direction I was meant to move in.  That everything I had been through in life was part of the preparation for my success and that the ways in which people open up to me and how I help them is what was truly natural. 

It has been an amazing experience, I am now in a place where I accept myself and more importantly others, as they are, I no longer feel a need to change people, control issues, and I am truly free to just be. 

Human Design is a system that combines the ancient tools of Eastern and Western Astrology, the Chinese I’Ching, The Judaic Kabbalah, the Hindu Chakra System, and Quantum Physics. Your unique Human Design chart is calculated using your natal birth date, time and place.

Your Human Design Chart represents your unique energetic pattern; You are uniquely designed energetically, and your specific design will provide conscious and unconscious gifts, talents, and strategies that you can implement to materialize the life you want, knowing your Human Design can help you find your unique path to financial and relationship success. 

The actual “chart” is the body graph you see in the mandala above.  It is made up of 9 centers and 32 channels connecting those centers, the channels are made up of 64 gates ( the lines connecting them) The centers, channels, gates will either contain color or be white, and depending on which, specific information and strategies can be outlined.

A center is can be defined and means that you process energy in fixed ways, or undefined meaning the processing of energy is inconsistent.  It is said that where you are undefined you have a deeper ability to become wise in relationship to that energy.

The head center, is located at the top of the body graph and is the triangle pointing upwards.  If you have a white triangle you have what is referred to an open head, this means that you take in the inspiration of others and are inspired to act upon that inspiration.  It also means that you can read people’s minds. People with definition in the head center broadcast inspirations and thought 24/7. 

The thoughts and inspiration are picked up by an open head and because the head is a pressure center, the open head feels compelled to run with that inspiration.  The challenge is; knowing what is yours, and what is not, and knowing what inspirations you should keep and what you should release.

The gates defined, give meaning to why you or others may behave in a certain fashion.  There is a gate that when defined in a chart will send out energy that makes people feel compelled and comfortable to tell you their deepest darkest secrets.  I have it, and it happens to me ALL the time!

 Based on the type of your definition, conscious or non conscious you will be aware of your energy and accept your role if you know your design, or wonder why people keep spilling their guts to you if you are unaware of your design.

Definition in your body graph also indicates the other three parts of your chart.

1.  Your Type: This is the most important aspect of Human Design.  There are five Types, knowing your type will provide the basis for living in alignment with your true nature. Each Type has its own specific Strategy for navigating smoothly through everyday life.

2.  Your Authority: Human Design will provide you with an accurate and reliable decision making strategy.  Now, instead of feeling pressured and anxious, you can make decisions with confidence and clarity.

3.  Your Profile: Your Profile will describe your learning style and the ways you interact with others.
A valuable lesson that Human Design teaches is that energy is not personal.

If there is someone in your life who behaves critically, they most likely have criticism and correction in their charts. When a person has these traits they use them to correct patterns in behavior that they have knowingness about.  This may not always be done in the most constructive way. Correction is projected energy and should only be given when asked for. Having awareness of these traits in your chart provides understanding of why you feel or act a certain way, and in turn, an opportunity to manage relationships better.  Awareness brings change. 

Human Design will show you your individual strategy for navigating your life journey. 

Human Design delves into your inherent nature, your own energetic DNA in a way that other    disciplines are not equipped to do. It also reveals dimensions of your nature, such as your decision making strategy, that no other personality profiling system can provide.

Human Design is truly a breakthrough in self-acceptance and self-understanding.

How do I know this you ask? I am totally aligned.  I left corporate, and now work a couple part time  traditional jobs, while spending most of my time with my family and working on my coaching business.  Human Design changed my whole life.   

My story is not the only one I could share I have yet to meet one person who haven’t resonated with what was in their Human Design Chart.

The cooler part is an introductory chart and summary of your type and strategy is free!!! Contact me on my FB page or via email for more info!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Sun in 52

I thought I would try something different.  I hope you enjoy it.  Stayed tuned for bloopers!