Monday, October 10, 2011

I love when Human Design shows its beauty in my daily life!

I was once told that in time I would be able to talk to someone and know their design before running their chart.  I used to doubt it, even when I saw it happening.  Until this weekend that is.

As a refresher and simply put:  Human Design is a explanation of how you process energy that results in a very accurate assessment  of you, how you work with others, common themes in your life and a lot more but I said simply put  :) 

I was speaking with a potential client last night.  He is 24.

While we were talking he stated that at 16 he quit school, because he just couldn't do what they wanted him to. He did get his GED recently and admits that the life he is living now is not his ideal life.

Listening to him I kept being drawn to his mind, he has a great mind, one which I believe he spends far too much time in.   He truly has a knack for making money, he thinks completely out of the box. He also knows people. A goal in this case would be to shift his way of doing business now to a more respectable means.  He is a born networker. He wheels and deals and has a confidence that to my  41 year old eyes seems foolish, yet is very real.

Last night he told me he would be a great car salesman, I agree he could sell almost anything. He also told me that he would need to find the right place where he could be straight up and people would listen to him. As he went on and on I realized at times when the information seemed irrelevant to me (it was off topic) I was going in and out of actually hearing him or sometimes I could feel he was looking for a reaction, one I was not giving.  At times he would say outrageously shocking things (well shocking to the general public not shocking to me)   The final thing he said that struck me, was that he isn't the type of person who can get up everyday and go to work, he wants to do certain work for certain money at certain times.

Well, this whole conversation described exactly what I would have said to him in his Human Design reading, yet here he is, telling me clearly and being shunned most of his life for it.  Although dropping out is not something I recommend, he was doing what felt right to him. He could not sit there day in and day out, he could not feel comfortable in that space.  He could not stay focused instead day dreaming and thinking of other things.  His need for attention and his inappropriate ways of getting it are text book to having an open throat.

Knowing how he works, and that he isn't a 9-5 everyday type of guy, is spot on to being a Projector type. It would be in his best interest to break from the hours for dollars mentality and find him something he loves and is flexible.

He is also a 4/6 which means he is a born networker, other people are very very important to him, he energetically needs them.

I am not sure you all are feeling my excitement here but it is flowing from me like a hose falling out of an above ground pool!

The fact that he knows who he is and is dealing with a cultural misconception that we have been conditioned with for decades upon decades, seems soo much easier for me to work with than what I had anticipated!

He also has fear and correction in his chart but at the end of that he has the joy of life.  He needs people to assist him in getting done what he wants to do.  Yet he is soo stuck in his conditioning and peoples misunderstandings, that when he hits his low, low  of the emotional wave it comes out as anger and again following another aspect in his chart, doing things to stir up drama or things that may be harmful to  himself and others.

He bitterness is undeniable and not out of the ordinary for the Projector in fact it is part of being a Projector.   On top of all of that, he also has the mutative channel which causes pressure to bring change to us all.  To me he is a magical magical being.  I do hope I am able to share more with him.  

As we talked I was reminded what a gift Human Design is, just when you think there is no hope or someone is acting out of character you find, they are being just who they are meant to be, and if we are all being our selves then there are solutions to all of our challenges.

Thoughts, comments, questions, feel free to post on this thread.