Monday, January 24, 2011

Angel writing, spirit guide writing, automatic writing, writing from my higher self.....not really sure what I do, but I know I had not done it for a long time, the other night I participated in an Angel Writing Demonstration. It felt great, like home. I did notice I can only do it when I hold a pen, I cannot type it, I can't really say it, I write it.  I cannot remember exactly what the question, I believe we chose a word for a list of 3.  I was drawn to inspiration, I took a deep breathe and here is what I got.  I thought I would share it, since I am working on being vulnerable and all. 

Inspiration comes from all around, from a breeze, while you look at your sleeping child, or the connection with a new friend.
Even in the middle of worldly interruptions you can find inspiration. 
Rest, breathe, know that things, that are not perfect are still O.K. There is more than enough time to complete your work.
 Believe in what you are doing and where you are going and nothing can stand in your way.
Find a daily inspiration and work with it. Use it to assist with your focus and keeping your doubts and fears at bay you can do this, you will do this, you are doing this.
Look Listen Learn do, it  is all open to you, you do not have to do and say as others. You are you, no one else.
Believe as you are, strong enough to move mountains  You are who you are, you are there, we are with you through time and space, you feel loved.
Listen, breathe, believe, rest, and be (my favorite part)  Listen.   There is more for you here, a decision a place a tool, a word, listen.
Be true, be you, be success, just be You are loved 
(this part was just there)  Music listen love.

Well it came from somewhere.  I personally love it.  I do not really speak this way. I am grateful for wherever it came from BUT If it was just me I rock! 

Thank you for reading 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Love what is

I started taking another Human Design class, this one is based on the 64 Hexagrams of the I-Ching and the sun moving through each Hexagram through the year. I am not going to write about this every week, but today it seems fitting and my other attempts at posting were a bit rant like and some were just mean.  I am not perfect either and I am sure one day I will air some sort of laundry in this blog, but not today.  :)

Without getting too far into it, each Hexagram will have the I-Ching meaning and a Human Design meaning, they are always similar meanings.

The theme behind this weeks Hexagram is "Love what is".  How often do we truly appreciate what is, and not think of what we still want or what we do not have.   When we do not look at now and what is and what we have and be OK with that, we build up resistance that makes it impossible to grow the way we want to. 

I tried it this week and you know what, I felt the shifts in my energy, I became lighter in certain areas and that release made room for some break through that are necessary for me to move forward. 

The week has not been perfect and some of the energies were hard to release and some of the thoughts around them have made me a tad moody here and there, but I appreciate the process and it has brought me clarity and a sense of peace. 

I even have a good idea about what my first teleclass will be and the funny thing is it is totally not what I was thinking of doing!

That is my other lesson.  To create you need to be focused and at times deliberate, but do not be so set in your goal that you cannot bend to what others need or directions you didn't know you had the opportunity to go. 

That is all I can think of to write this week and that is just fine. 

Love to all!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Today I was sitting at physical therapy with my feet in the whirlpool, contemplating the fact that it really doesn’t whirl at all.  Perhaps it is not called a whirlpool, sometimes I can create a small whirlpool by how I position my foot near the jet, but for the most part there is no whirl.


As I stared the bubbles and the flow of water I began to think about change.  When I quit drinking I went to Al-anon  for a bit and I had a book I think it’s title was  “Courage to Change”  I thought maybe I could do a teleclass or discussion group on change and what it takes to change. The book as I remember was full of stories and daily affirmations, that is not what I wanted but similarly, my goal would be to make change less scary.  Yes scary I had decided that people find change scary and these people usually believe they do not have courage, or certainly not the courage to change. 

At that time, my ear started ringing, I remember that because it startled me and I realized how odd I must have looked hunched over staring at the water, my thoughts quickly shifted to: “do you think I could stand in this small tub?” and “They must use this just for feet.”


The courage to gain awareness.  I know that sounds strange, but if you do not need courage to become aware, why aren’t we all aware? 

I am not referring to common awareness such as: “I am aware that I have a keen sense of smell today” but awareness as in “my actions are mine and mine alone” or  “my spouse seems upset, rather than take it personally, how can I help”  or “how can I be a better role model for my kids in day to day life” and my favorite “Oh I just sounded awfully bitchy, how can I make that better rather than make it grow”.  


Sometimes I think if we brought awareness to a situation, rather than our ego, we would be a lot happier.

Becoming aware is easy to start, just pay attention to your words, actions, and reactions. It may be easier to   start with one.  This week I am going to focus on my reactions. What will you chose?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Old thoughts

Happy New Year everyone!   I was sitting here thinking "Gee you are being abnormally quiet these days" I decided that I would pull up one of my drafts and post it, regardless of what it was.  So here you go. 

I used to think I could save the world and everyone in it.  Whenever someone did not respond positively to that I would beat myself up.  I do not do that anymore.  A few years ago I began to learn how to detach from others lovingly, I am still not a pro and sometimes I will just shut the offenders out, but I can admit I have faults and I am working on it. 

I finally understand that I cannot save the world, I can only help those who wish to be helped and teach those who wish to learn.

If I waste energy being upset about someone's behavior, I take energy away from me. 

If I sit and stew or talk negatively about someone, I damage myself, no one else but me.

What can I do, I can forgive the person that hurts me or my family and take the occurrence and use it as a teaching moment for myself or my children at a later time.  I can chose to not feed into someones weaknesses and focus on my own strengths.

I can remember that it is just energy and not personal and teach that to those effected by the other persons behavior.

You know what?  So can you. 

Here is to hoping 2011 is everything people are saying it will be, a year or shifting and change to better us all!