Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Energy shifts within a situation.

I realized today that I have been playing a victim role in a situation, a couple really, even though it was not apparent to me until yesterday.

I was lacking some information that proved to be important and that allows me to move forward in my like and in the best interest of my family.

When I realized it, I also realized the HUGE energy shift. 

What a sense of freedom! It really felt like I was released from something that was binding me.  I am now feeling empowered and ready to take action.  Not just any action, but well thought out deliberate action.

While waiting I thought I was going insane, yet I kept thinking there would come a time when all that felt like wasted energy would come to pass with nice results but in it, I did not see any light.

Looking at the situation today the waiting was necessary for patterns to be formed and documented.  The waiting period has caused some harm but nothing that cannot be fixed in time.

The feeling is much like that in a game when you realize things are going in your favor. 

Often times (and I have seen this a lot lately on facebook) people mistake your kindness for weakness, or do not see that you are offering a gift, that you will bend.  It is often times not until you stop bending or being kind that people see you were trying to do what was in the best interest of all involved.

Sometimes they never get it and still walk around bad mouthing you or thinking of new ways to cause you harm for not understanding them.  I feel sad for these people becasue they cannot own their own stuff.  I feel sad for a moment becasue it is not mine.  Those who want the help will take it and those who do not, will not.  Not much difference to me. People like this will continually walk their path unaware blaming every one and eery thing for their issues. 

Anyway .....

All I know is that I waited and in that patterns emerged, and I rode the waves of emotion, I did not act on them,and this allowed for clarity and discovery. 

Although my situation is far from over, I am feeling empowered and confident and ready to proceed. 

I am going to look at other situations in my life that feel heavy and see if I cannot shift that energy too.  So many times we are playing victim or forced to defend etc and this energy is not positive, it is not empowering and it is not healthy.  A simple shift is all you need to get back into balance and feel great again. 

Let me know if I can help you discover these points at any time, I am always around for at least a  question or 2 at no charge email tamc2006@gmail.com 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Have you ever wondered what is Reiki? Have you ever asked someone what it is?

I would bet that if you have asked you have gotten this response

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that "life force energy" flows through all things.”   I got this from my website but have seen it lots of places. 

After receiving that information did you just say    “Oh”’  ?

I laugh as I type because I have seen it, someone asks me and I get all excited and passionate and quote things I have learned and tell them stories about sessions, all the while the person is looking at me like “really Tam just give me what I want to know, how does it work”  …… hmmm… “well it unblocks clogged up energy in your energy body and regular sessions can be a great part of your wellness plan.”  Again I laugh, I have ideas and thoughts of how and why I think Reiki works but I will be damned if I can articulate it on the spot.  J Heck I am having a tough time now and this is supposed to help clarify it! 

Reiki is what is all that I have stated above, but what is more important is what it can do for you.   

Reiki = Relaxation

I have been told by my hospice patients that during their session is the only time during the week that they don’t think, they are able to be “empty headed” as one patient told me. They love the peace it brings to their day.

Reiki is relaxing, Reiki lowers stress levels, blood pressure, and heart rate.

Some of my clients do not take care of themselves, they are always doing things for others, Reiki allows them to receive and to be nurtured, without being manipulated.  Massage is great for relaxation too, but I have heard of too many people being hurt or having an unsatisfying experience.  I also have some male friends who fear Reiki because they might get excited like they do getting a massage.  Reiki is non evasive, you do not even have to be touched at all.  Most guys I have for clients take a nap while I work. 

Imagine that taking a nap is a quiet area with soothing music and the only subject is you.   I won’t lie the first few times I had Reiki that experience was so new to me I just cried.  A whole ½ hour just for me?

Traditionally Reiki works with your bodies energy field, thoughts, pain, anger, and depression all hang out in your energy field. Many of the symptoms we have from an illness can be relieved with Reiki. 

Reiki helps to move the energy around and provide respite from your symptoms.  There have been cases in which Reiki has stopped pain for good or assisted in removing tumors, but I do not focus on those statistics.  If you would like more information on that I am sure I can dig some up.  To me what is more important is what Reiki can do for you now.  Today.

Reiki can bring a sense of peace to the chaotic, it can bring hope to the darkness, and it always brings love.  Reiki brings focus and awareness. 

Reiki can be used to help your kids, plants, your pets, and your living space. 

I am hoping this gives you a better idea, if not simply put Reiki is all about you.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


"Someday we’ll find it the rainbow connection the lovers the dreamers  and me."  Kermit the frog, well Jim Henson and whomever wrote the song anyway this song was in my head as I sat to write the other day.

February 4, 2012 

Tonight I was walking my mom’s new puppy, the one I surprised her with and thought, how long has it been since I was standing in my back yard looking up at the full moon and seeing my old pal Orion up in the night sky the moon light was so pretty shining through the trees in my back woods.  It was lovely.

When I was younger, in High School, I used to fall asleep on my car or in the yard looking up at the night sky. Especially in the winter when the sky is so crisp and clear.  OK OK for that reason and there are also less bugs.  I dislike bugs that bite.

Anyway I love the moments when I realize I am doing something that I have always loved to do.  Like today when we were outside and my daughter took off her shoes to stand in the moss.  It is something I was showing her in the spring and with this unseasonably warm winter the mood struck her today so we stood in the moss for a bit and felt brand new. 

The pool we got installed last summer also draws me out into the yard to refresh and recharge.  Heck I even raked today and for those who know me know I am not huge into physical labor J.  Point is on the days that I feel crabby or that my energy is low, there is always a call to my back yard.  I love my back yard. 

Today I looked at my garden bed and realized I need to clean that out next, spring is coming!


Friday, February 3, 2012

Rant from a parent

Before I start my rant I want to mention that prior to learning Human Design and learning from a long time parenting coach, I used to think how my children behaved or were as people in the world was a reflection on me.  That how my child did in school was a reflection of my ability to parent. 

I now realize that my children, and themselves, not an extension of me, they are both individual energetic beings with their own journeys.  I parent them both the same and have gotten two different results. They are both still pre-teens but I can see differences in their confidence, motivation, and interests. etc.

Today I had an incident in which a school administrator blew off a meeting with me for a list of reasons and as I questioned each one it was finalized that he felt since my child was sick this week I would not make the previously scheduled meeting.  This fired me up.  My son being ill and my ability to make a meeting are related how? If there is such a relation why was I not called? ......

I got home to see a post about a friend who was offended by a T.V interview, the guy in the interview blamed parents for their kids having ADHD for how quickly they pick them up and place them in a bathtub.

A parent is not at fault for a child's ADHD, a parent cannot in all instances keep their child home and teach them academically and make sure they get enough exercise and what they need and also monitor their stimulation and keep children in bubbles.  I mean we could and some so but is it effective.

Rather than finger point or come up with administrative reasons or budget constraints on why things happen and why things are not done for them, lets try to focus on what the kids need to be successful.

Why aren't we focused on each child individually and see what they need to succeed.  Why spend money on interviews and books showcasing blowhards and their ridiculous reasons for mental abnormalities.Let look at the conditions these kids suffer from and see what is at the core.

I will use me as an example, I am best focused when I am multitasking, this could be doing 2 things at once or having back ground noise while I am working. When I do not have those, I struggle to concentrate.  I love interruptions.  I have another family member who needs quiet to concentrate.  There are energetic reasons for this. 

We as parents are here to guide and keep safe not to make clones of ourselves. I have a daughter who need to be exhausted to go to sleep, she needs to keep busy get outside, she needs exercise. She spends 6 hours in school and an little more than 1 hour on a bus per day.  I think she gets 20 minutes for recess and gym class once a week.  I find when we go out after school or she rides or cares for her animals she is much easier to deal with.

My son is very very sensitive to energy and his surroundings.  He takes things very literally and does not like to be accused of things he is not or grouped with others.  He resists group activities etc.  Since he was small I tired to get him involved in every activity I could think of, he was never great at them (nor would I be if I was forced to do it) and he didn't like it.  I remember feeling like a failure and wondering how others would look at him and at me.  I am now settled and strong in the fact that my son is creative he likes to create things, movies, figures, drawing, and games.  He would rather create than play hockey and that is fine.  It has been hard to find people with similar interests but they are out there and like anything else they will find him.  I did what I could, I give him options he chooses what he likes and what he doesn't.

I guess I wonder how well we know our kids and how often are we placing our expectations or our failures on them to live differently. 

I think about how much my son has endured mentally in his almost 12 years of life and the fact that his brain has not even gotten bumpy yet.  Whenever I am frustrated I think of his big soft brain still developing in his head and it gives me a different perspective.

I could babble all day on this so I will stop here.

Blessings on your parenting journey!!