Monday, March 28, 2011

Reiki and Animals

In all the time I have done Reiki, I have not made a habit of doing it on my pets, plants, or other entities.  Reiki energy can be used on any life form, space, idea, plan, or even jewelry....Anything with a life of it's own can benefit from Reiki energy.  

Over the last couple of months the idea of me extending my Reiki services to animals has been asked or mentioned.  I have also come into contact with a lot of animals that I feel could benefit greatly from it. I have tossed the idea around but have not thought of acting on it, until Saturday.

On Saturday I was told that I should reach out to animals and that I have the energy of an Animal Intuitive. I wasn't shocked, I mean , I see that quality more in my daughter, but she got it somewhere so I am not discounting the truth of the statement. I am also not going to let a statement like that go by without paying attention to it.  People who know me may be laughing right now as sometimes it takes us longer to see in ourselves what others see. 

I have seen what Reiki has done to help myself and my clients. I have seen the relaxation it brings in the moment, and the results that come with continued sessions.  I have watched people become more positive, opening themselves up to more possibilities and changing their life path.  I have watched others become more confident and live out all their dreams.  I have also witnessed others preparing to leave this world, leave peacefully. 

I recently adopted a Cherry Headed Conure, named Rudy.  I am assuming he got his name due to some really rude comments he makes as a way to get attention when he is alone. Really I believe his first owner had too much time on his hands and taught the bird to say "I don't f'n bite".  Rudy has learned that this is funny and will get him attention when he is alone.  He sounds very angry when he goes through his minute long rant, but he is a kind gentle soul, who just wants to be loved. 

Rudy struggles with the issue of plucking, which means he pulls out his own feathers.  It is a behavior as a result of a drastic change in his life.  I am not sure of the change but I feel his primary care giver had to spend less time with him.   I was afraid it was going to be anxiety based, but I do not feel that is the case. 

Rudy's feathers are growing back nicely, he started to regrow them at the shelter he was in, where he was rarely alone and when the human was gone he had plenty of bird friends. 

It was while I was contemplating Rudy's "issues" that I realized what people have been saying to me about using Reiki on animals and opening that service to my clients. Although Reiki only works for the highest good of the animal it is suggested that people check with their veterinarian prior to staring any programs. 

Reiki on an animal can be done with touch, by being in the same area, or with intention from a distance.

Stay tuned for more information on this and other uses for Reiki charged energy.