Saturday, March 28, 2015

Drive By


It has been a long time!  I cannot remember the last time I wrote....hold please June 2014.
Well I can say a lot has changed since then!   I miss my "Where is the Sun?" videos.  I am tossing around a couple ideas for my next set of videos.  Stay tuned....

Where have I been?  Oh well where have I not been.  I started a new job last spring, will be coming up on a year.  In September I started my field placement for school, that ends towards the end of April.  The adjustments took me away from this blog but I have been actively doing readings and having Reiki customers.

I have continued to practice my strategy and have continued to rely on my sacral to lead me in many different directions and although sometimes I am scared or nervous, I plow through and it has been amazing.  I have even done a couple calls with small groups to share information about energy. It has been a great year.

I will be focusing on some things this summer that will help me to teach others to live as emotionally free as I have learned to be. The key is that not everything is personal and not everything is my problem. Knowing this has taught me soo much. 

So seriously stay tuned there will be more to come in June!

Miss you all!!  xoxox