Monday, December 19, 2011

Reading Energy

Everyone has the ability to receive messages from beyond.

As we know energy is not created and does not  die it just changes form, so it is easy to believe that when we pass the energy stays around in one way or another.  

I deal in energy, I feel things. I can pickup imprints that have been left on things by others. Sometimes I can determine the sex of the imprinter and sometimes I pick up a name as in one experiment I was asked to do I was given a bracelet by a stranger and asked immediately “Who is Rita?”  Rita, I was told was the person who gave this woman the bracelet and she had passed.  When I held the woman’s hand I saw a young man with a vibrant smile, I explained the smile to her, she told me it was her son who had passed and then showed me a picture in which I saw the same vibrant smile.  
Sometimes I am drawn to something like a piece of jewelry and I comment on it and am told it was a loved ones.  Am I a medium, not by trade,  but I believe I pickup information a lot.  I also have vivid dreams in which I am “visited” by those who have passed.  I am known for my weird Tammy moments or feelings. One friend in particular if we lose touch I know when she needs me in her life or when she is struggling or when something good or bad happens. 

Years ago a friend of mine passed in a violent accident.  I was driving on a road parallel to where it occurred and felt the sorrow.  I did not know until later that day that she was gone, but I never for one minute forget the feeling I felt that day at the exact time of her accident.  Energy is a powerful thing. 
When I do Reiki I get messages in relation to a person’s physical or emotional state. Sometimes I know when a lost loved one enters the room. If they do.  On one occasion I felt someone was behind me and helping to guide my hands but my throat became extremely phlegmy feeling and I had to keep clearing it.  I received the feeling that I had to tell this woman she is never alone.  When I told her I felt someone was with us and there was something about the throat I needed to mention, she knew instantly who was there as he husband had passed from esophageal cancer.  

These things happen, coincidence? I do not think so, I believe in my ability to feel and read energy. 
Think of people as light bodies and it may be easier to understand what we are really made of.  We are made of energy and other particles.  These materials and other things blend to create out 3 dimensional form but imagine just light bodies.  Light shaped into that of a human or other living thing even rock,
Take away the solid form and you are left with a light body.  Rocks have light bodies just as people and animals do.  

Now imagine you cannot speak and all you have to express yourself is the light body.  The expression would come from the vibration, color, and movements of the light body.  This is what I work with in an energy session.  

I actually saw my light body recently and may be how I came up with this description.  I was doing Reiki on a horse from about 50 yards away and as I was working on him I saw my light body standing next to him and placing its hands where I was directing the energy. It was a surreal experience.  
Many people can see light bodies in fact with proper training everyone can. A light body would be similar to seeing someone’s aura. There is no magic in seeing auras, it is a visual training that anyone can do.  I see auras not colors ,all the time but the aura.  I feel the colors

I have never really understood how I do what I do, I just know I do it and I pretty much always have.  As a child I used to see light bodies in the dark, so I always needed a light on.  My room was across from the bathroom and my bed set up to see right across into it (I know bad Feng Shui) I used to call them toilet people because they would come out of the toilet and turn down the hall to disappear into the living room wall. Everyone thought I was nuts, I even did until in a class a famous medium talked about the exact same type of presence in her room at night.  They are exactly what I was describing about, what I now call light bodies. Except it is not just of the dead we are all light bodies.  
I really am not sure if this should be part of the book I am writing or just a blog post, maybe it is both, but I felt compelled to share it with you all so enjoy!

Wishing you the best this holiday season!

Bright Blessings!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Reiki and Depression

I recently did a survey and one of the top questions was how Energy work can help with depression and/or anxiety.

As many of you may already know I have had a history of anxiety and depression as well as being clean and sober for just shy of 19 years. (oh man I thought it was 20 this year, would have added more in dramatic effect)

I spent a lot of time in therapy talking about all the things that happened to me, year after year.  I never seemed to get any tools to get over the hardships, just sat there rehashing over and over.  Telling the story mechanically.  Therapy is great if you have a goal or something to work on, otherwise you are just there telling the same story over and over with no view of how to change things . I finally was able to graduate therapy years ago after meeting with a woman who wanted me to see my power and stop telling my story.

I was also on medication and she did not approve of medication.  Medication is also good to help take the edge off or balance your chemicals.   Energy work is not medicine and it cannot cure you so stay on what you are on and keep seeing who you see (or trade them in for a goal orientated therapist)  keep going to AA  whatever it is you are doing. How is that for a wordy disclaimer!?

ANYWAY.....Reiki and other Energy work to relieve symptoms of Depression, Anxiety, and Detox.  They help you to relax and over time teach you to get to calm when you need to get to calm or draw in energy when you need to draw in energy. Reiki is great for helping issues with sleep too.  Reciting the 5 Reiki Principles can also lift your mood and change your day.  Try it.

 Shoufuku no hihoo
Manbyo no ley-yaku
Kyo dake wa
Shinpai suna
Kansha shite
Goo hage me
Hito ni shinsetsu ni
Asa yuu gassho shite kokoro ni neji kuchi ni tonaeyo
Shin shin kaizen, Usui Reiki Ryoho
Chosso Usui Mikao

 no no no wait that is in Japenses sorry, here:

Just for Today
Don't get angry
Don't worry
Be Grateful
Work hard
Be kind to others

You may find other writings that add more profound words but this is the jist of the Reiki practitioner.

Reiki doesn't hurt but can in certain people and in certain situations produce a strong release.  I cry when having energy work done, especially if I am stuffing emotions or not maintaining my own energetic health.  Some people get really excited for a bit, angry, or even dizzy.  It is the movement of energy that you are experiencing and it is why you should go to someone you trust and who can assist with these types of releases.

I recently heard a story about someone going to a spa and having all sorts of energetic work done in a Reiki session. I had to question the practitioners motives, becasue if you do not know someone or how they react to the manipulation of their energy field, you should not be doing too much to them the first time.

For me I think a practitioner who has a support team is the best kind to go to.  Since we are talking about anxiety and depression don't be shy ask them if they have a list of psychologists or what their background is. A Reiki practitioner can listen or give you energetic hints on how to deal with many things but remember they are not a licensed counselor. If they start to over counsel ..... run!

I am not saying be untrusting of all people, well maybe I am, I am saying you are the client and they are there to do what is best for you.

Off that soapbox.

Reiki helps the symptoms that accompany depression and anxiety first, in time it assists with the depression and anxiety by aligning your energy and releasing the places that hold onto the darkness.

As always I wish you love and light!

Monday, December 5, 2011

We all have flaws

I know it has been a while and I hope to be able to write more regularly once the holidays are over.

I have been thinking about speaking our truth this week. I was prompted by the throat Chakra suggestion I received this week and the idea to do weekly Chakra information.  Thanks Vickie!

I will be posting that information on my FB page Tammy Murray Cousins Holistic Healing and Coaching weekly. I will also be posting that information on another page I am affiliated with "Women Empowering Other Women" 

Anyway I have been thinking about living and speaking our truth and what that means.  It doesn't mean walking around telling people off, in fact it is quite the contrary.  I believe first and foremost it is being true to ourselves and speaking to ourselves honestly.

We all have flaws, none of us are designed perfectly.  Wait let me use a different word because I think we are all perfect for who and where we are and that there is no real perfection standard we all must live by. 

Hmmm let me say it this way,  when we are not in acceptance of our flaws, or try to be what we thing others want us to be, this is where we run into trouble. 

In these cases no matter what others do we will not be happy or even notice. The thoughts in our heads are truly powerful things.

Many times because we are disappointed in ourselves for one reason or another, we will blame others, or behave in a passive aggressive manner to get attention from those whom we love.  Sometimes after that doesn't work we have outbursts in an attempt to explain the issue, but usually that doesn't end well and instead of stating what we need, we provide a long list of what others make us do. 

Sound familiar?

So I ask, what is your flaw and what have you been doing subconsciously to others because of it? 

I also challenge you to be honest with yourself. Love and accept your flaws, own them, love them.  It is in doing this, that you open yourself up to a much better state of being.

I know it is soo counter productive we live in a world humming with people telling us to  "lose weight" "get rid of wrinkles" "be a perfect parent" "be a better partner" and soo many more I cannot type them all. 

Take a moment today and love you for you.