Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Where is the Sun? Gate 40

I realized when I was done recording that I cut out, before I gave my email address.  Oh well it happens.  I am still trying to only do one take when I do my videos.

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The energy of the 40 is about alone-ness, seeking a whole, being a part of a group when you wish and not being a part a group when you wish.  It is about being individual, yet a part of something bigger.

To hear more check out this weeks video:

If you have trouble with this video here is the youtube version

Friday, August 23, 2013

Where is the Sun? Gate 59


This week the Sun is in seduction.

It is the banter and conversations of love and war.  It can start them, or it can end them.

It is the energy of working to provide resources to those you are responsible for.

This week it could define your sacral or you emotional solar plexus.

A defined sacral can give you extra energy, you will not sleep until you wear it out.

A defined emotional solar plexus can make you feel the energy or emotion, from what I understand it could make you feel a bit dramatic.  Please be sure to check in with yourself and make sure you are not acting out on someone elses emotions.

Clarity over time, pick and choose the words you use and when.  Ask yourself if you can wait or if you need to say and act now. Chances are in a couple minutes, hours, or days you will be somewhere else with it.

So here is today's video......

If you have trouble with this video check it out on Youtube

I think I just repeated a shirt!  I was going to wear a different one and thought I never wore this one, but after further inspection, I did wear it before!  hahaha I wondered how long it would take me to do that!

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Where is the Sun? Gate 29

The sun moved into the Gate 29 yesterdy.  

The Gate 29 is about commitment, the high side carries the ability to do unusual things and do them well. It is about committing to things that you enter into correctly and riding them to the end.  It is a good energy for marriage and relationships, as well as business partnerships again the key is entering it correctly. When used right - It is a source of will power for those that do not have a defined will center.  

In its lower energy it is over commitment and saying yes to things you do not want to do. 
I have talked to a couple people lately who had stated they went through a period in life where they said yes to everything, and it didn’t work out exactly as they planned.  This is what can happen in the low energy of the 29. 

Make sure when you are asked, invited, or responding to something that you are checking in with your authority and that you are following your strategy. 

Here is this weeks video.  The sound quality is not great but many many takes and a puppet, it is going to have to do.

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Where is the Sun? Gate 4

Hi there!

In the 6 or so days between each video I have soo much fun answering questions and running charts!  I absolutely love when I am just out and someone mentions Human Design to me.  It is fabulous!!

No better validation that my sacral put me on the right track!

So the Sun entered the Human Design Gate 4 yesterday. 

The energy is that of answers, wanting answers, needing answers, finding answers, and of course doubting answers.

How to know if the answer is correct for you......FOLLOW YOUR STRATEGY!

I hope you enjoy the video!

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Monday, August 5, 2013

Where is the Sun? Gate 7


The sun has moved into the gate 7.  Here is a brief video on what the energy of the 7 means. 

I have to tell you, since my first video (52 takes), I have been posting my first take, today was the first time I wanted to re-do it.  I was temped....I notice when I re-do them I feel less authentic, so here it is, in its imperfection.  I love it!

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Remember in this energy you have the drive to lead and influence, remember to follow your strategy and be mindful of what you are putting out there for others to see.   Do not push.  If you are pushing you are not in alignment with your strategy. 

Take care!