Thursday, April 24, 2014

Where is the Sun? The Gate 27

Another week another gate.  I promise I will start getting ahead of them again so you can truly see how the energies are effecting you and those around you.  I find it really helps me to how I respond to people.

I was talking to someone today about being on tv and they mentioned how I do my videos, I thought about it and I think I like my videos becasue they are quick and I control the lighting etc  hahahaha

Anyway have a great week!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Where is the Sun? The Gate 3

The channel of the 3/60 has always been one on an energetic level that has caused me confusion.

Overall the 3/60 is about evolution, new genetic material, change.  The level to which is where my energetic body cannot feel or completely understand. 

Some explain the 3 as the order of things mutative.  That there is an order to the mutation and you have to go in that order to get where you are going, which I believe I do express in this video at the end so perhaps I do feel the energy and share what I know but in my own mind do not comprehend, so this week I may just be an example. A puzzle, an energy only each individual can define for themselves.

I would love if this video had a lot of conversation around it, perhaps those who have books can read them and write their interpretation of the mutative ways of the 3/60.

Whatever it is doing it is most successful when in response and will impact generations yet to come.

Warning this video contains, poor posture, bad lighting and an unflattering bunching up of a shirt.  Watch at your own risk! 
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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Where is the Sun? The Gate 42

So I just did this video and feel like I said 52 and not 42.......

Anyway the gate 42 is about finishing things the energy to grab something in the middle and finish it off. 


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Where is the Sun? The Gate 51

Shock in all of it glorious and horrifying forms.  Someone one will do something, someone will say something....whatever it is will shock you.

Shock leads us into action.  When we do not move the energy can change into bitterness outwardly expressed or expressed towards us.

I hope you enjoy this weeks video.