Saturday, April 18, 2015

Downfalls of the 5th line profile

I am am a 5th line profile.  Most of my life I have gotten frustrated that people think I say things that I have not and want things that I do not. No matter how many times I would explain myself, they never seemed to hear me.

The 5th line is a projected profile, meaning the receiver of the energy interprets it the way they want to, through their lens.  Whatever that lens may can make them perceive you as wonderful or not.  It can make them believe they know what you want and desire. It can make them think you have said things that you have not. It may even make them believe that they know you.  Most of the time they are wrong.

It takes some time and energy to truly hear and understand the 5th line profile.  

I recently came across someone with a very similar chart.  Scary similar.  The person is a perfect representation of me prior to becoming aware of the energies in my chart.  I was thrilled.  The connection and friendship was real...but between the 5th line and head definition, along with lack of awareness and time to understand, I became something I am not to that person and was believed to want things I did not want.

Having the understanding of how the energy works, I am able to accept people in a whole different way. I can make decisions based on the truth and I can accept the actions in a totally different way.

I have to say many are not ready for this type of acceptance and sometimes it looks passive or as if you are not respecting yourself but truly it is a calm and an energy that I cannot explain.  It truly allows you to embrace someone exactly how they are. With no attempt to fix or change it.  It is beauty.

Now that my internship is wrapping up, I was trying to think of how I want to share theses tools with others.I may start with acceptance.

Stay tuned, this is going to be good.

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